Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

Famous artists Because Sensation Not Performance

Being an artist in Indonesia is not easy. To reach the popularity of many of them do things that are not supposed to. Banyk Indonesian artists today who prefer well known for sensation is not an achievement.

As a result, many artists now be branded as an artist sensation. The unique designation for them is common and instead to be indifferent. Here is a well-known artist ung because the sensation is not an achievement.

1. Bella Shofie. Many Indonesian artists who lately became public attention because of the controversy. One is Bella Shofie. This artist often flaunt his wealth in front of the media, besides Bella Shofie also never reported it to the police haters because they feel threatened danterhina.

2. Amel Alvi. Some time ago Amel Alvi amid intense public discussion after his name was associated with the initials AA pengnakapan in a hotel. Many sensani done this artist, such as flush water to co-star in the film Min Shaman, and the latter is suspected of involvement in prostitution.

3. Anggita Sari. Women born December 26, 1992, is famous for its often controversial. Today's models have been victims of fraud, and the latter is claiming to be the model for payment.

4. Roro fitria. Artist Javanese descent is often showcased a barrage of luxury goods. In a television show ever memaerkan Roro even deposit of Rp 20 billion. Many are curious about the property owned by Roro moreover he rarely appeared on television and the big screen.

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