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Indonesian celebrities who Moving Citizenship

Moving citizenship is an option for everyone. This usually happens because there are a variety of reasons. But peling often encountered is followed live as a couple. There are some Indonesian artists who chose to move citizenship for that reason. Some interest was reason to not stay in Indonesia. Then who are these celebrities? Here ulasananya.

1. Anggun C Sasmi. Who does not know this bebrbakat singer. Anggun began his career into penynyi rock since 1986 and became the most popular Indonesian artist 1990-1991. Then in 1997 he was realizing his dream of becoming an international artist. After that Anggun married to a French man, Cyril Nontana. With Graceful bergitu automatically follow him berwarganegaraan France.

2. Atik CB. The singer who is popular in the 80s is now living in the United States following her husband, Laurence Smith. He stay with the children for 8 years beakangan.

3. Love Laura. Indonesia's young artist since the age of 21 years chose berwarganegaraan Germany. Love has a reason to move because according to German citizenship easier visa dlam order mewujurkan dream is to go international.

4. Kristian Virgian Besouw. The girl who had been a Miss Indonesia 2006 chose US citizenship after following her husband. Initially he studied in the field of helath care then decided to join the US Army.

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